Our advanced equipment helps detect hidden moisture, removes the water quickly, and allows your home to be thoroughly clean and dry when the job is finished. 


                                                                     PROFESSIONAL MEASUREMENT FEATURES

Thermal imaging cameras are troubleshooting tools for building, electrical, and mechanical applications. From the hot/cold-spot measurements to the emissivity controls, infrared cameras have the features you need to identify problems accurately. Find hidden problems, take accurate temperature readings, and confirm repairs were done correctly.

Also, we can measure moisture levels in wood and building materials such as wallboard, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete, and mortar using advanced moisture meters.



 We operate high-performing, rugged, portable dehumidifiers that can fit in any space.

Removes 80 pints/day
– Patented 3-coil refrigeration system
– Merv-10 filter


The Phoenix DryMAX BLE pairs perfectly with our AirMax BLE.
Together these two innovative products give us a rugged, stackable, portable drying solution on the market!
The Phoenix AirMax BLE is a low-profile, Bluetooth-enabled, powerful air mover that quickly works our toughest restoration jobs. 
It’s also the safest and most technologically advanced fan in its class.

The Guardian HEPA System™ captures virtually all removable airborne particles. The optional 4-stage absorption filter contains a blend of activated carbon and potassium permanganate to remove airborne odors and chemicals. The Guardian can perform several critical air quality remediation functions simultaneously.

The Guardian’s high airflow and multiple ducting options allow for combining negative or positive air flow control of an area and containment air scrubbing simultaneously. This provides the unique ability to continually filter the indoor air and depressurize the damaged site to prevent the spread of contamination simultaneously.