Typically, the installation starts by clearing out the area and removing any trees, stumps, shrubs, or other structures obstructing the way. Once this is done, the site is cleared of any debris. Then, our crew grades and slopes the surface for proper water drainage. When the surface is ready, the sub-base is placed, checked, and repaired if needed. After this, a binder that connects the sub-base and the driveway material is added, and the new material is layered above. Once the material is added, the surface is smoothened and compacted by using a roller truck. The driveway needs to be cured for two to three days. The process takes a few days to complete, with the new one ready to use within a week of starting the project.

A nicely designed driveway that matches the house’s exterior increases the house value by up to 10%.

Price varies on the size of the project and material!

Free estimates.

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